Motor City Shots
A 15-hour Motor Votive candle self-contained in it's own shot glass holder. Don't worry if you don't have a votive holder on hand, this candles comes in its own glass which you can refill with any one of our Motor Votives when this candle is finished.


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Motor Votives
One 15-hour Motor Votive candle. When you've finished burning your Motor City Shots, refill with these to save money.


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Motor City Chromes
Compact and ready for travel. Chromes come in a handy tin container with lid so you can take it with you on-the-go. Burn time about 30 hours.


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Motor City Big "D"
100 Hour Jar Candles
Compare our long lasting Motor City High Mileage jar candle to Yankee's slightly smaller candle. Ours burns longer and costs less. There's 15 ounces of wax in each one and they burn for 100 hours or more.


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Motor City Incense
Packages of 8 sticks of premium incense.
You can find cheaper incense, but we don't
think you'll find better. One reason is
because we use all premium materials which
are purchased from US suppliers.

Quality in, quality out. It's that simple!
Each stick will burn approximately one hour.

/ package

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Motor City D-Lights
You may know them as tealights, but we call them D-Lights™ because they are DEE-lightful to burn and enjoy, and they are made right here in the "D" - Detroit, Michigan. Available in packages of 2 with a burn time of 5 hours or more each candle.

for a package of 2

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Motoromas are little pillows of fragrance that make good scents in your car, closets, drawers, workplaces, gym bag and small rooms.

These attractive aromatic personal air bags are filled with special beads that disburse fragrance for several months.


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Motor City
Hand & Body Lotion
Now your favorite Motor City scents are available in a rich, luscious and creamy hand and body lotion. These 2 oz. tottles fit in a purse or pocket with ease. At this price, try several scents!
Motor City

Wax melts have been around forever, but lately they've become quite popular. Our Motor City Meltsy's are packed with scents, yet economically priced. Simply put a cube in your wax, potpourri or oil warmer and enjoy the scent. Each package contains 6 cubes at a total weight of 2.4 oz.


Fragrances & Order Page

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All Motor City Candleworks products are made in the motor  city of the world,  Detroit, Michigan USA. Everything we make, we make by hand. Our candles are hand-poured and our incense is hand-dipped. We affix labels by hand, and we package by hand. We believe some things are still made better the old-fashioned way.

Our fragrances are named for people and places and things throughout Michigan. We're proud of our great, Great Lake State, and we love to brag about it.  Whether you're partial to the thumb, or you call yourself a yooper, it's likely we've got a fragrance for you!

About Us

Motor City Candleworks began doing business in 2004. Originally, candles were created with unique fragrance names that honored local historical figures and places. In 2008, after many requests from customers, we began producing Motor City Incense, which is now available at more than 200 stores throughout Michigan.

We may be a little silly in creating fragrance names, but we're dead serious about our attention to quality. All of our products are made by hand in the great state of Michigan using only the finest materials.


Life is serious. Our fragrance names are not. But we are dead serious when we tell you that we look for and use only the best, highest grade oils in making our fragrances.

Some of our favorite fragrance names appear below, but we've got about 60 in all. Product pages will show you which fragrances are available in each product. You can hover over the names below to get descriptions of the scents.

Alpena Verbena

Ann Arbor
Berry Bash

Au Sable
Au Tumn Lodge

Detroit Dragon Blood

Detroit Thaiger

Downriver Rat Musk

Flint Stoned

Frank & Myrrh

Grand Rapids
Grandma's Kitchen

Grande Ballroom
 Purple Haze

Great Lakes

Grosse Pointe
Olde Moneye

Interlochen Rochen'

Mackinack Lilac


Michigan Road
Patch Ooli

Pumpkin Eater

Plum Street Nag Champa

Strait Hipster

Super Duper

Wild Wild Westland

Zilwaukee Zest

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